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1 killowatt SilverSonic

Mobile Broadcasting used to require million dollar satellite vans run by major network production crews, but now can be as simple as firing up your smartphone.  SolarSonic takes the format a step further, streaming live DJ / VJ every-day performances and special events, whether dancing in the streets, on the beach or on the down-low, Pirate Radio, in the wilds,…. its a non-stationary radio station, solar-powered!

Free Energy, Free Speech and Broadcasted Beats // redefining Radio, Media, Civil Liberties,.. and Public Utilities!

#technomadic living #electro-organic harmony /#flashmob #transparency / networking / better living through sun-energy / #digitalnomad / #vanlife / #termporaryautonomouszone #hashtanga #DJ #VJ #MC #RV join the movement

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